ARRSEers Dead Pool 2009

Considering there's a celeb dead pool kicking around here somewhere, why not have one for all arrsers? Last year was quite productive on here with a couple of suicides, one of whom was found resplendent in a basque and stockings, which complimented his tackle beautifully.

So, who's buying the farm this year? My money's on Ivy_Grad and oldgoat. The former through being used as a spunk sponge and the latter through drinking meths.
I reckon Airfix will be found face down in a puddle with a flex round his neck and an orange in his gob, with 'I was in the army honest' and 'KevB is a tin rattling cnut' written in marker pen on his head.
DogsHadMeTea will be "disappeared" by all his enemies on the police.

Princess Jeyda will probably fake suicide to attract attention to herself.


Book Reviewer
JoseyWales - Alcoholism (turps)
Scrofula - Substance abuse (mushrooms)
StabTiffy2B - High winds (found somewhere in the Mid Atlantic)
Sven - Suicide (one can but hope)
Chubb or whatever her next username incarnation will be and her inbred nephew face down buggered to death wand with a dildo left protruding from their anus Flashy being the prime suspect
Hmm, i was going to say MDN, after a particularly brutal bumming session, suffering a heart attack due to the intense workout.

However, he's likely to hunt me down, if he manages to survive.

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