Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mora, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. oi.
  2. Possibly your mother?
  3. And your point is what exactly, mora?

    It aint the fucking X Factor you know.
  4. having fun
  5. Are you a raghead, mora?
  6. Ah sh*t mora I guess your all right :eek:

    Just not much need for the propaganda as most people
    here would be supporters or at least sympathetic to Isreali Army :D

  7. The fact that mora her/himself has posted this thread does indicate that this person seems to have some rather pressing personal issues that need to be worked on/clarified.

    Just a thought.

  8. have fun where it belongs then
  9. no one told me before about NAFFI
  10. Speak for yourself. Aside for the usual criticism of bulldozing of houses, shooting 10yr old kids on their way to school and shelling of beaches in the middle of summer, they're absolutely fcuk-all fun on the lash. A more miserable bunch of insular cnuts you will not find anywhere. They just stayed in the corner, playing pool- without knowing the rules (and it wasn't as if they knew a different set of rules- every controversy spurred a full-fledged committee meeting and much gesticulating and jabbering on in Hebrew.)

    Granted the guys we ran into were IDF/AF at Rhein-Main AB, but close enough for my money.
  11. נווו גו אוויי טהנק יוו אנד אוטהרס יוורסלף שטוף אמברשינג סיט נון פוליטיקל ה יס טהיס מורה


    PS sorry it's arrse to elbow, mirror it, or stick it. :)
  12. Which means: You are in reality Uri Geller and I claim my five beer-tokens! :D :D :D


    PS Why did mora cull the original post?

    PPS Beebs, who's that ginormous biddy sitting on the specially strengthened couch in your avatar?
  13. i was Arrsed so there is no point to take the mick
  14. That my dear Bugsy is, the ever present, Pentwyn's little love token to Flash. Her, in all her glory, sitting panting over his piccy....

    Ah Love is a many splendor thing!

    Beebs x
  15. blessed baby cakes

    now could you translate me, what you've been said in hebrew, i got few words but couldn't comprehend it.