Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by squigeypie, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. what the fook has happened to arrse, with this new web page design. its fooking shite
  2. I agree!

    But it is more user-friendly in fairness.
  3. It will grow on you, I promise.
  4. its still shite
  5. I am sure all the guys that put in many hours of hard work to improve the site, not just now but since it began will appreciate your valuable opinion.

    Here's mine, the site looks good but you're still a cnut.

    Read the thread about the change and unless you have some constructive comments keep quiet
  6. The changeover came at the same time as I changed computers to an iMac.

    I was shocked.., though not quite outraged. It took a minute or two to figure things out. However, having spent a couple of hours using the new format, I really like it. Well done people!
  7. I like it.

    Not a big fan of the comments though when you log in on the homepage.
  8. It takes longer to load pages, also I can't seem to copy and paste stuff.
  9. I've got to show " a clean folder " in minutes 4, better rush off to the NAAFI now..... :D
  10. Some People ar just resistant to change.

    "Change is the only constant".

    I bet you'd like DMS and putties back wouldn't you.
  11. im intitled to an opinion, and in my opinion its shite
  12. i like it
  13. ??? its back how it was
  14. Flash........................... Bang :D
    Have a look in the site issues bit mate, all will be revealed