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you dale the snail are a fcuking lizzard,get a life you sad old bag,what you need is some c*ck,if anyone is that desperate,or drugged

You are not MDN........he lacks charm and wit in many cases but he is five places up the food chain from yourself.

You have ten fingers to type and only two eyes but you don't need to use them in that proportion.....MiB


chargetemp said:
arrse is actually fcuking arrse,full of c*cks and such like,cheers
Friendly fellow aren’t you.
I’ve been reading your posts and you’ve been nothing but abusive to people all day, and as far as I can see there has been no reason or need for it.
This makes you the c*ck, not the others on this sight.
Perhaps you should spend your day on another sight, or perhaps you should go outside and play in the road. You decide.
Not open for further replies.

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