Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wildcard.rgbw, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. :D Heres a big thank you to ARRSE and all its users, connecting all forces of the force together.

    Guys like you guys have given me the facts, and taught me to take things on the chin.

    So... um... thanks! DOn't take this is a wah I think everyone should realise how much appreciation ARRSE needs, especially with H4H and all the charities it helps.
  2. If you take it on the chin you'll end up looking like a plasterers radio !!
  3. Badoom tish.
  4. "May the force be with you" - Someone hadda say it!! :meditate:
  5. Dunno why but I think wildcard needs a (small) degree of respect. Most readers have recently been outraged by the tw%t who pi**ed on the war memorial and just as many go on about "respect" and "decency" in society against chavs/mongs etc.

    Maybe - JUST MAYBE...... there is a "newbie" into the ranks of decent, upstanding people (but if that IS the case - WTF are they doing on here?????????)

    Collectively, we may be ARRSE'R's - but individually we all contribute together in a very unique and stupid way.. or is that just me? Sarcasm-gate = OPEN..... enjoy :)
  6. How's your egg-cellent diet going?
  7. Am I being thick or is this some kind of "Yokel" (Yoke-el) joke?

    Explain to the cheap-seats please.... Ta:)
  8. I'd shag you up the arse however I think Ive split my foreskin on your sister. And her daughter.
  9. Fcuk me that must hurt.
  10. Fcuk me that must hurt.
  11. It got better :roll:
  12. Aw, gee, I love ya man!!!

    drunken hugs all around...
  13. Gayer than a gay thing.
  14. Your the same c*nt lips that was bleating about new accomodation for regular soldiers that was financed from a long ago budget ? Arrselicking part timer