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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Death_Rowums, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Obviously the Zippos aren't definite yet, but it can't hurt to work out a desgin(s), when people are showing an interest in the idea. This way we stop clogging up the Next Arrse Product Thread.

    So, there you are Goku, go nuts.
  2. Hey Fellas Guess what!! is about to sell Zippos with your logo on!

    I've just received a batch of Zippo lighters Black and Silver which can be engraved with whatever you want. The option is not on my internet shop yet but will be there within the next two weeks. What's more I have the Potatohead in my library! If you go onto my internet site you will be able to see the potatohead logo in the logobox library + 50 other army / regimental badges. I will also add the Potatohead Bad CO sent me which is a little different (no fag, more potatoey)

    You will be able to have any logo engraved onto your Zippo and up to three lines of text and it will cost less than a Zippo from a shop!

    I'll be selling:

    Zippo Copy High Polish Silver £9
    Zippo Copy Black £9
    Zippo Black Matte £about £17
    Zippo High Polish real 925 silver plated £about £28

    I'm still awaiting shipments - but I'll start with some of the products soon Hope this sounds good,- Chris
  3. Sounds good. Awfully prompt too.
  4. Can I have a free one for sugesting it?
  5. I actually got a tip off about this thread from Bad CO about 15 minutes ago - In fact the other thread - and it's pure coincidence that this is precisely what I'd been planning... except I have had more luck selling engraved regimental badges on my site rather than the engraved Potatohead. I had been imagining people buying lighters which said "Adjutants lighter - Hands off" or "To John - keep ya head down" or similar, but your ARRSE handle +++ more suits me just as well!

    The software is done - the fake Zippos are in the house, I'm just waiting for the real ones from US.

    Regards,- C
  6. Good try... No :D

    aaaahhh... maybe I'll give you a good offer: mail me
  7. Cheers will do. :D
  8. Git :D
  9. Does he go up diddly up dup then??
  10. Here is a photo of a logobox I just did for someone, to show what the engraving on the Zippos could be like:

    Yes you can have your handle, name etc written on the Zippo. Up to 3 lines (but no avatar)

    I will be selling real Zippos

    [​IMG] Regards,- C
  11. OK Here's how it's going... these are the copies I have (black and chrome)... I'll put them on the site for sale over the next couple of days... with much better photos. The genuine Zippos have been ordered... black brass and silver plate... high polish where applicable since this gives a better quality of engraving and the detail is easier to see. As for these, I think the silver (chrome) are best... although my wife though likes the black/copper thing. There will be a choice of font - script or block. Regards,- C

    (Any comments on the engraving - size, font anything - is welcome)

  12. Baldrick I love the Mr Potato Head design.
    When you’re ready to start selling them let me know, I’ll be one of your first customers :D

    - edit to add

    Does Mr P have to have you’re web address under him?
    I’d prefer mine to have Mr P with the ARRSE web address in place of your address and my username on the lid.

    I’m undecided on whether to go for chrome or black, I’ll decide when you post pictures of the genuine Zippos.
  13. Me too! And I'm with BaldricksBullet's missus - I like the black and copper effect.
  14. They look really good. Definetly have to get one of the potato head ones.
  15. I love the look of the Zippos, I'll definitely get one as soon as I've decided on which colour - or I might just splash out on one of each :D