Arrse Yellow Attic team withdraw from the Olympics

Oh sorry ? I can't believe I fell for your elaborate hall of mirrors type deception . It was probably the most subtle wah I have ever experienced.

Or then again I probably just thought you were a silly old cunt ranting about fuck all
Wibblers of the world unite, you,ve nothing to lose but y........wibble, wibble, wibble, wibble........................................wi..
I can't help but feel partly responsible for robbeus's obvious breakdown as a result of shooting the tyres out on his outrage bus on the Death In Police Custody thread he started.

He's obviously gone totally Tonto and needs an immediate evacuation back to Blighty at one.

Cluck cluck jibber jibber my old mans a mushroom etc etc.

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Robbeau (The wise) was last seen driving around his local Lidl store, bleach and cleaning fluids section, in Che the chariot (complete with fluffy dice and faux number plate IAM 1) He had y fronts on his head, pencils up his nostrils and was shouting "You owe me respect and gratitude".
Store staff report that this is nothing unusual and is no cause for concern.
I find it disappointing that I spend the majority of my time on here adding people to my 'Ignore' list. It makes me long for that Banker bloke to start gobbing off about how much money he makes and declare handbags at dawn to anyone who calls him names.

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