Arrse Xtranormal Oscars 2011



Arrse Entertainment Ltd, in cooperation with Clunge Celluloids Incorporated, present the "Arrse Xtranormal Oscars 2011.

Those of you who wish to partake in the above highly acclaimed event, follow Linky Luchadorz

There should be no lack of ideas, not from even the most unimaginative amongst us, just simply make a film about a thread on Arrse. (this basically covers all eventualities)

All films are to be ready for the 28.02.11. I m not sure how the voting can take place (Mod help me with a poll nearer the date, or I ll choose with other Arrsers help).

I shall donate €50 for first place, €30 for second, and €20 for third, so €100.00, all going to H4H.

A donation totaling €100.00 will be made on a basis of €5 per film, so that obviously means that at least 20 of you lot have to do your bit and make a film. Older films will also be accepted.

Get filming!


Come on you tight boring Fuckers, how about some input? I ve got €100,00 Spondies waiting for a good cause, you lazy bastartds!

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