Arrse XI V Celeb XI Cricket 13th June and 22th August 2010

Wait out till I see my bessimate this weekend at the rugby. We could be up for it and may be pursaded to play for a laugh..... Not that I am volunteering us.

Wait out

Oh and some one remaind me on monday to post and answer I may still be intoxicated from the weekend!!!
I dont drink too much or play cricket ( If it was a hokey game I would be the first to put a hand up :) ) there anyting else I could be usefull for...

Will try to get there for both fixtures and will bring kit just in case you're short numbered. Fielding legend, quick bowling now reduced to medium pace and totally shyte with bat in hand! I know a couple of reasonably good MCC players who might volunteer as well.
Thanks Sniper Bob, look forward to seeing you there.

Come on we should be able to support this event. A big money raising oportunity for Hols4H

Porridge_gun said:
Me and Stella are happy to attend for the ladies team.

Am sh1t at catching and bowling but am a dab hand with wielding a bat!
That'll be from your constant "hand to knob" coordination exercises......
Evening bump, we need lots of attendees to this, players and supporters



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bigbird67 said:
So we have
Bigbirds offspring
I know it's not the NAAFI, but, who the hell shagged you?


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Sorry I should have added the dates to the header

This is a great day out, last year was good this year will be even better.


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Ill be there for both dates supporting, assuming I can put the pies down long enough to get my fat arse on a train seat ;o)
Saturday bump.

Come on we needs lots of people for this

I can be the scorer for the first one......and maybe even play in the second one.
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