arrse ww1 tour dates n travel

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by scarletto, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. meet in Ypres

  2. coach from England

  1. Right, seeing the other thread is really for those who are interested in wanting to go, id like this thread to be used for when and how. Ive put down two methods of travel. To cut costs really would be meet in Ypres, coach hire etc from blighty isnt hard to arrange but would mean extra cost.

    Can you put down when next year would be best.
  2. May bank holiday weekends
  3. Any Bank Hol weekend will do me, failing that, any time during school hols as I'll have to arrange sprog cover, which Mrs can do during the holidays.

    I'd have a preference for the coach from Blighty, only having the one veh, and Her Ladyship will be needing it. If the coach is in attendance for the duration, I think it would simplify carting the bods about, and making sure everyone arrives at the same places at the same time.
  4. we have annual camp on one of the May bank holiday weekends
  5. june july ok would meet you there as i travel from the hun side of the front..
  6. I can do whenever suits everyone else.

    Ref driving over there, we could get an idea nearer the time of who is leaving from where and whether anyone has room for passengers.
  7. Want a Legion Guide? We take most ATRs as well as run battlefield tours and pilgrimages for grown ups.

    We can also fix travel from the UK if you want a coach load.
  8. Was just thinking the same! I have no issue with driving, although whether anyone is brave enough to get in the car with me is another matter!!!

    Anytime or date is fine by me, I'm easy on that front.
  9. May bank hoil would be good. Splitting the cost sharing a car would be the best way ahead.
  10. Ditto, though having already driven several ARRSErs, none have died yet! :D I'd be leaving from the South East (London / Kent) and would have room for 2 people plus luggage.
  11. no probs my end for driving either from midlands area

    but might have a full car not sure yet

    dates let me know
  12. How about making this thread sticky?

    At this rate, I think between us we could easily get transport sorted.

    Dozy, you haven't seen me drive! ;)
  13. I'd presume the tour will need a bus to ferry people around over there, possibly we could hire this from a Northern town like Leeds, with pick ups in Sheffield, Nottingham/Derby (Long Eaton), Leicester, Northamption and that Service Station just before the tunnel for anyone else wanting to use the bus for the tunnel crossing
  14. word of warning - take valium/hipflask/sedative of choice :D
  15. Scarletto,

    I have sent you a pm and email via private means. Let me know if you get them okay.