Arrse Wreath

Yesterday I had a wreath delivered, One gets laid every year in memory of my own family and friends that are no longer with us that fought in various conflicts and wore the same uniform as I once did.

The British Legion lady that delivered it, on foot, in the pouring rain remained cheerful and grateful, 70 yrs old at the youngest.

She was also carrying a blank wreath also, one which was ordered but not collected.

On seeing the names on my own wreath and the dedication and sheer stubborness on the old dears face I got lumpy throated and very British...

I pulled out the company cheque book and asked if I could make a donation to the legion, in return for the blank wreath. She smiled, accepted and we swapped goods. She accepted the offer of a brew but declined a lift back to the RBL building, half a mile away.

We spent ten minutes chatting about the fund raising, she filled me with hope that the local schools were some of the biggest contributors... And she took the time to ask about my own service life, which in comparison to some of the men marching tomorrow, and being driven in the BLESMA minibus's was more than a little embarrasing and humbling.

Not sure I have done right, if not I'm sure I'll be put in place...... Last year a wreath was laid in London, I'm sure the same will happen this year... In addition I have made the decision to lay an ARRSE one at my local cenotaph.

If there are any objections please let me know.


Good stuff, MDN. Poppy (the ARRSEr, not the flower) told us in Chat last night that the ARRSE London wreath is in place. Thanks Beebs. :)
You done good MDN - thanks.

I have not stopped crying since Friday. Well done RHM and Beebs xxxxx

Edited to say: I actually walked the "Death Railway" a few years ago with Mr Snail. I was hanging out of my arrse. How they managed to build it in that temperature and humidity, I have no idea. I got a huge hug off the Australian Colonel who runs the Memorial Centre when I got back, crying, strangely enough. Everytime I see "For our tomorrow, they gave their today", I reach for the tissues.

Sluggy x
Wreath laid at 11:05 this morning.

Local parade was excellent, good turn out of veterans and associations, TA, cadets, scouts, boys brigade, schools etc...

4000 bods or more either taking part or watching, only thing to p1ss me off was the BLESMA coach bringing up the rear behind the town hall hangers on and the Salvation army triangle assault team.


MDN, nice one mate, but I thought that they only people who delivered you a wreath were the Fleetwood Cartel.


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Write to the council and complain.

In Portsmouth the veterans marched on behind the Sally Bash band (who did a cracking job) To the rear of the veterans were the Para and SAS veterans in a big gaggle with the last six in wheelchairs pushed by members of The Parachute Regiment.

They got a hell of a round of applause when they marched off followed by the formed members of the parade with the Royal Marines band.

A lot of people with dust in their eyes especially round the new war memorial. The council have built a new and updated memorial next to the original one. It has no names and is dedicated to the service men and women and civillians of Portsmouth who have given their lives in conflict.

Simple and beautiful. Our local coucillors all retire back into the Guildhall and don't try and pretend that this is a press opportunity for their election campaign.
what a lovely gesture. well done, I have to admit this year I have seen alot more of the yoof of today wearing poppies so thats got to be a good thing!
Thank you MDN
This thread is a year old.......
good show MDN

a year old... you mean you didn't do it again this year?
Not as yet but am more than prepared to should it be deemed appropriate, I'm sure the COs have something planned, as usual
It don't matter MDN, the fact that you made the gesture that you did deserves a thank you.

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