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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Mongoose, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Check out the otc section on the new arrse wiki,

    Wikki arrse

    How rude! (But sadly probably quite true)
  2. I could put a name to the toss-pot who hangs around the stores all day pretending to be a 'real' soldier, 'cos he only has two lectures a week.

    Although the one at MSUOTC isn't ginger.
  3. I thank you. 8)
  4. impressive impressive work all too true, macks is one of our resident stores hanger outers among many who do it although he has less pretentions to being a real soldier, he does however have a ginger beard..
  5. We have a ginger one

    But he's first year - I do have a sneaking suspicion he may grow to become a resident hanger outer - when he gets banned from living anywhere else in Aberystwyth, and fails his 2nd year 7 times!!!
  6. H_J nice to know you have faith :) though im slightly worried that i may turn out to be like TWAT. hmmm - might have to go do something drastic
  7. Just because I practically live in the place doesn't mean I hang around the stores.
    And the ginger only comes out if I forget to shave.
  8. Out of sheer boredom and revision skiving, I've just added a list of all the UOTC units around the country to the arrse wiki.

    UOTC wiki

    See if you can add something sensible about yours. eg. Unit website, numbers, training options (are you entirely Inf or can you speicalise?)
  9. excellent!