Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. I got a call to tell me. Yikes.
  2. whose Arrse was on telly?
  3. C'mon more info tell!! 8O
  4. If dales arrse was on telly, it must have been a 96' wide screen to get it all in. Oops, no, I forgot, Dale makes Twiggy look like an overweight Bernard Manning. Its BBC who ate all the pies'.
  5. We have et no pies.

    Just thai grub.

    S l a g her off again and you will have me to deal with.

    Buy a t-shirt. cha ching.
  6. Brickin me sen. I was more scared when I ran out of B+H in 1975.

    bbc looks like an overweight umpalumpah and dale looks like a particularly intense 'shoot' from 'Life on Earth', the insect kingdom...stick insects eat nowt for a year. Even David Attenborogh said you were a minger and would rather stuff his man rod up a Bengal Tiger. His words...not mine.
  7. I'd rather stick a Bengal Tiger up my man rod than contemplate doing either of the ugly sisters
  8. Heard they were bad, but that BAD 8O Have they ever been in anyway connected with the QARANC??
  9. These two are the fecking Krankies.
  10. Suppressed desire is a terrible thing, Gentlemen.
  11. think ive seen this smoke and mirrors act in action before in the past :lol:
    last time i tried it and tried to strike it lucky, i got fecked off for all the abuse i was chucking her was to disguise the fact i was gagging for her :oops:
  12. Think we've all been there! Except for Baddarse wh gets fecked off anyway :lol: