ARRSE Was Down Because...

As ARRSE has been up and down like a whore's drawers recently let's have your theories as to why it's happened.

Points will be awarded for style, content, artistic merit and profanity. The winner will get a 7 day holiday to the internet website of their choice*

My guess is that a crack team from Mumsnet, the Special ARRSE Service - highly trained ninja doris'es given extra rations of the usual Mumsnet diet of raw meat and Polish vodka - hijacked the site but put petrol instead of diesel in it as they tried to drive it away.

*These statements may contain lies.
It had mild case of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder?
Replies to why I hate Liverpool and Scousers jammed system.
As most things mechanical/electrical tend to be given a feminine gender by blokes, I'm going with "on the blob".
Daleks! I'm convinced it's down to Daleks.
Arrse is now run by a PFI.
According to the LAD there's a complicated mechanical explanation - it's fucked.
The COs ran out of yellow handbags to keep it running.


Book Reviewer
A failure of standards and values - specifically the principle of 'Server to Lead'.
They'd moved to 'just in time' ARRSEing.

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