Arrse was broken for 7 Hours & 21 Minutes



Good CO

Sorry - this was not my fault for once. Network problems with the host, although that seems to have caused a chain of other problems. Fingers crossed and sorry for the outage. Oh, and.. welcome back
Still is broken for me!

No right hand toolbar, and getting errors if I try to refresh the main page. Keep on getting the "oops" message or just cannot find site.
Wasn't working at all for me even at 2130 (this is also the third time I've tried posting this), but now the forums seem to be functional. Error messages seem to go if you hit refresh. Chat seems to work, I just can't see it from the main page: going into it from the "More Arrse" drop-down menu works though. Still, great to have at least part of the site back up - was getting serious withdrawal symptons.


DozyBint said:
I'm having to reload every 3rd or 4th page, but a single refresh does the trick each time.

Pretty much the same here but more like every 2nd page!!


oh yeah - and i don't get the right-hand tool bar either! - good job I'm already logged in on this computer!!

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