ARRSE vs Walts - going to far

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Critical_Blue, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. Disclaimer: before anyone gets their back up and starts ranting and raving - read this and think it through. I'm not trying to cause arguments, but rather trying to get a point across:

    From another thread:

    On reading that, I think a lot of that is pure BS

    Yet another muppet ARAB who doesn't understand that without the TA (the modern TA - not the drinking clubs) that the army wouldn't have the man power or logistics to cope.

    It also angers me because believe it or not, TA soldiers have actually died on operation and this is the respect they get?

    Link 1

    Link 2

    Want more? Just use search services like this and you're sure to find a few.

    People who remember the dead and slate the TA in one breath are nothing but mere hypocrites.

    As for other stuff - I see loads of skaters (i.e. for the oldies: people who skateboard) around Britain, the US, etc who wear urban camo as fashion... are they all walts?

    Strippers (yeah believe it or not!) They wear fake uniforms - walts? 8O

    Airsoft/Paintballing - I've done this once with my college as an "end of course function." Nothing serious, just a fcuk about - a bit of fun. That waltish? Because if it is, I suggest you get your head checked.

    I truly think this term "Walt" is used far too liberally. Yes, there are people out there who are complete fcuktards who wear all different uniforms and medals they bought off the internet, but it's going too far.

    I respect the regular forces and the job they do, but to keep slating everyone who has the slightest military intererst is childish and pathetic.

    I mean honestly - what next?

    OMFG! WALT! What a little f*ggot, his dad must be a TA officer!

    Give me a fcuking break...

    I'm all for banter - but before you label someone a Walt, think. Is this person truly a fcuktard trying to be something they're not, or are they just trying to do their bit? Are they just interested in military gadgets? Are they just interested in what you do?

    Before I joined the TA I had huge respect for the regulars - and even, at one point, nearly joined them. However, I decided to stay on at college and join up as a reservist.

    No - I'm not "hardcore" as some regulars pointed out on a college trip. I've never made out I am. I just wanted to help out the regs... however, since being in the TA I've lost a lot of respect for regs because of all the BS they feed.

    Perhaps, just maybe, it's you lot that are acting like muppets, not us?

    Yes, I am a STAB. Yes, I am a Royalist who's proud of crown and country. And yes, I'm not as "hardcore" as a regular soldier...

    Doesn't mean I'm a medal collecting, e-walting, fcuktard who wears #2s to family functions.
  2. daz

    daz LE

    But you'd like to if they'd invite you to a party :D :D
  3. msr

    msr LE

    And exhale....

    Rather than make yourself look somewhat childish to the entire internet, why not get a wiki account and change the offending entry.

    Oh look, someone just has.

  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Have you tried anger management therapy? It might help you get over your problem.
  5. It's not anger/a rant - it's a point I'm just putting across that this site brands things as "Walts" without any thought.
  6. Walt and ARAB v STAB baiting if funny, if you don’t get the joke then maybe you should stick to pillow fighting?
  7. I know how you feel Blue. Somebody, the other day, on this very site, suggested that I didn't have an ounce of grace; me, fücking me! And from somebody who stands out, over many threads, as a complete cünt. Be proud to be a STAB, fück me if it wasn't for lager and sex I don't know what I would do at the weekend.
  8. You are farting against thunder, dear boy. There is no doing anything about the abuse ARRSErs like to indulge in - it's in their genes - and it amuses them. If you want elegant discourse, write letters to the Spectator.

    Trust me on this - you just have to humour them. They are entitled to a little slack anyway, I think.
  9. hello teddy this is zero, message over

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  10. I only signed up for the #2's.

    ... was well p*ssed off they don't issue them to us SAS*

    (* Saturdays and Sundays...)

  11. Fcuking STAB walt. Were you not good enough to join the proper army?
  12. AHHHH Is somebody tired??
  13. shouldnt have joined if you havnt got a sense of humour, oops sorry you didnt join
  14. that's a good one.... sprayed my coffee over the laptop.. bastid!

    as to the point of the thread.

    think the big-time Walts deserve everything they get... hadnt heard of that Alan McIlwraith chappie but it sounds like he actually has a serious mental condition and serious inadequacy issues.

    And Critical_Blue, as to the TA/STAB debate..... (again) ... yawn!

    well although I was heading for Reg' personal circumstances (detailed in other threads) meant I changed course and followed the T.A path... so what.

    Now I dont even do the T.A thing any more, but still check in on ARRSE (fcuk - maybe I too, am a walt! :oops: )

    There are complete wankers in the regs and there are complete wankers in the TA - and there are good blokes in both also... dont take the jokes, banter, and ribald humour to heart..... take a chill pill and go with the flow or you'll give yourself a heart condition.