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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Virgil, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. What's the Arrse rundown on the better and worse newspapers in the UK for trustworthiness and good reporting?

    As I see it the Guardian is more left, the Times conservative, the Telegraph I'm not sure, the Daily Mail not sure, The Herald (Scotland) not sure. The Sun I realize isn't really much of a newspaper.

    What news sites would Arrse members recommend to get the full spectrum of view points in the UK?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. The Telegraph is further right than the Times for the most part I would have thought. The Independent (my read of choice) isn't quite so far left as the Guardian and has a good website that you don't need to sign up to (I assume you will be using the internet to access them).

    As for the Mail and the Sun I read them if I have a moment but won't pay for them.
  3. Spectrum from left to right of the UK broadsheets (ok, the DH isn't a broadsheet) as I see it is:

    Grauniad, Independent, Times, Torygraph, Daily Heil
  4. I don't buy a 'Daily' but If I do it's usually the Daily Mail
    Politically 'right of centre'
    The weekly columnists are usually balanced with some excellent articles but some of the daily stories have to be read with an open mind.

    I've never bought a Daily Mirror since Piers Morgan published the pictures allegedly beating up Iraqi's (they were False) CNUT!

    Never Bought or even read a Guardian! I'll say no more!

    The Sun is Shite too.. but I'm in a delemma there... as over the years they have done some great sponsorship for the British 'Tom'
    FREE TV's for the troops type of thing...
  5. To quote Yes Prime Minister:

    The Daily Mirror is read by people who think they run the country;
    The Guardian is read by people who think they ought to run the country;
    The Times is read by people who actually do run the country;
    The Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country;
    The Financial Times is read by people who own the country;
    The Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by another country;
    And the Daily Telegraph is read by people who think it is.

    Sun readers don't care who runs the country, as long as she's got big tits.

  6. Top to bottom;

    Grown up papers;

    The Times - Pretty much down the middle
    The Telegraph - Conservative but fairly centre-ish
    The Guardian - Lefty tree hugging hippy PC bollox read by people with an 'ology'.
    The Independent - Liberal but not as gay as the Guardian

    Easy read papers;

    Daily Express - Less grown up than the top four but better than any below. pretty conservative/centre but a bit tabloidy at times.
    Daily Mail - pseudo middle class whinging rag. Only good thing is the Crossword and it hates Labour

    Fish wrappers;

    The Sun - It sits on whichever side sells its rag. Easy read for fuckwits. Big colouring in section
    Daily Mirror - As above but designed for even stupider people
    Daily Star - Porn paper full of loan adverts designed for people with an IQ lower than a starfish
    Daily Sport -As above but it doesnt take itself seriously.

    All are useful as bog roll but I find the Telegragh is the softest.
  7. They all have an agenda - you would do best to read two or three of the broadsheets from differering sides of the political spectrum, the Telegraph and the Guardian for example. The Guardian is not as bad as it is made out to be and they've written some handsome articles in support of the Forces in recent years. Indeed, one of their Journalists is a well respected poster on Arrse.
    I like to read the US news magazines Newsweek and Time, as they are detached from what goes on in this country and likely to be more dispassionate and less biased.
    As for the tabloids, first and foremost avoid the Sun; it is a foreign-owned piece of sh*t whose primary loyalty is to the bottom line of a foreign news conglomerate and has a long history of fcuking over the Forces while claiming to be our 'friend'. The Express and Mail are owned and edited by cnuts for the consumption of cnuts, while the Star, Mirror, News of the World and Sport are not even worthy of mention.
  8. The Times - Ain't what it used to be with the new tabloid redesign.
    The Daily Telegraph - right of centre but readable and some good foreign correspondents and good photographers (see Para photo feature)
    The Guardian - worthy but dull, esp when Tim Garton Ash, Will Hutton and George Monbiot are ranting.
    The Independent - not as worthy but duller than the Grauniad
    The Daily Mail - 'finger on the pulse of middle Britain', allegedly
    The Daily Express - a joke: "Diana Murdered by Duke of Edinburgh - House Prices in Free Fall Shock".
    The Sun - pro Broon as long as it suits Murdoch
    The Daily Mirror - still struggling to cast aside the Piers Moron years
    The Star - tits

    Might be better to stick with the newsy magazines: Spectator is a good read and Private Eye is a must.

    Most of the above - apart from the Eye and the Speccie have suffered long term circulation decline, never quite terminal, but hardly healthy.
  9. What a good question.... and we could be here all night!

    The bottom of the pool is occupied by the tabloids in the shape of the Mirror and Sun (although I think the Sun is generally well written - it's just the content that is crap!). (Sunday is the News of the World...).

    The next layer of murky water is occupied by the Express and the Mail. I consider the Express to lie in considerably murkier waters....

    The top of the pond is occupied by the Independent, FT, Telegraph, Times and Guardian, although the latter two can be very strange. Sunday papers at this level include the Observer.

    All media has a bias; the trick is to identify the bias and decide whether that bias mirrors your bias.

    If you are trying to identify which newspaper reflects the opinion of the majority of the population then, IIRC, it is the Sun with an audited circulation of just over 3m.

    ABC figures

    I personally think that says more about the general population than it does about the Sun :D but I recognise that the Sun is easy on the eye and an easy read.

    The most read broadsheet is the Daily Telegraph with one quarter of the circulation of the Sun! Am I surprised? No, because the Telegraph is a challenging and difficult read.

    We could perform the same operation on television and radio; which medium do you trust?

    We could even perform the same operation on contributors to ARRSE.... Whom do you prefer? MDN, The Snail or me?

  10. Very interesting responses so far, thank you.
  11. BTW, I am a much better shag than either MDN or The Snail!



    Oh dear, we're not in the NAAFI, are we? I'm in trouble..... :D
  12. Wasn't always as Bernoulli says, mind. It was the Mirror which sent a Video Player (!) to each Pl location in NI c. 1975. They were good guys then!

    And even if Hastings and Minty write for the Grauniad, it doesn't make the paper's editorial team any less frigid towards 'Defence' or the welfare of members of HM Forces, who as a group are not their favourite people.
  13. Reading any paper these days is a loser...

    They're all pandering to their owners/editors agenda and will skew the news to fit.

    Stick with independent news agency type stuff on the net like Reuters or Associated press, they're the people who sell the information of what's actually happening to the f uckers who tell you what they want you to think is happening.

    Newspapers are so f ucking last century... yesterdays news at best.

    Even my chippie wont touch them anymore...
  14. Read them all online and cherry-pick whatever takes your fancy...
  15. But you can't wipe your bum on a computer screen. You can on the Daily Mail. So it is good for something ....