ARRSE & Veterans Coins


ARRSE's very own Unique Challenge Coin, these have raised thousands (and continue to raise 2GBP for Holidays 4 Heroes from every coin sold). All members of ARRSE can purchase this unusual Challenge Coin direct from:

UK Challenge Coins

The ARRSE Challenge coin is unique in that it is the first EVER military style Challenge Coin to actually have the Rules of the Challenge added on the reverse side.

We are the sole suppliers of the ARmy Rumour SErvice (ARRSE) Challenge Coin as well as the UK Armed Forces Veteran Challenge Coin, the purchase of either coin helps 'Holidays4Heroes, run by ARRSE members with £2.00 from every Coin sold going direct to 'Holidays 4 Heroes'.

Comments from a few who have purchased the coins:

"Package arrived today in sunny Deutschland. The coins are absolutely top notch quality.
Many thanks."

"Coin arrived today. Very pleased with it - thanks very much!"

"Vet coin arrived today and looks mighty good."

"My Veterans Coin arrived yesterday, and what a great looking coin it is too. I shall put it away somewhere safe until I need it."

Have you armed yourself with the Popular ARRSE Challenge Coin yet?! make sure you get your Coin before they run out, we have been surprised at their popularity, even Famous people have been photographed with their Coins, obviously making sure that they don't get ARRSE'd by another ARRSE Challenge Coin recipient and end up buying in a few rounds of Beer! (See the Website for the History of the Challenge Coin). :soldier:
We are currently producing an E-Goat Coin as we received a lot of interest from them for a coin which will help with their Charity Pot, we're also producing a few Unit coins that have been requested. If anyone is interested in a coin for their own Unit/Former Unit/Training Establishment etc. just send an e-mail to you just need to give an idea of the design you want and we will put together the design for you and make the changes until everyone is happy.

Let us know you are from ARRSE when you enquire about a coin and you will receive a discount.

The E-Goat in the design stage (attached)


We've just produced a Limited Number (100) of Challenge Coins for the RAF Unofficial Forum - E-Goat, so if you are in an RAF Bar/Mess you may well get 'Challenged' by an E-Goater so make sure you have your ARRSE Challenge Coin on you :policeflat:

We've also recently produced a couple of other coins, one very strange one called the Moddey Dhoo Motorbike Club as well as a coin for 5 MI

Have a look at the website if you are thinking of getting a coin designed and produced for your Unit/Club etc.


We knocked up a few Printable Flyers for the Coins, if anyone wants a copy of one they can maybe put in their Unit PRI or to generate possible interest in a Unit coin please PM me as they are too big to add as attachments.