ARRSE Users in Gutersloh?



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Herford calling. We're not far away, and there's a few here.
Nope you are on your own chevy...scotland is nice this time of year though.
Outstanding said:
2 Hours South west - near MG!
You have to make your mind up again outstanding. Are you near MG, or in Larkhill?


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I get it! Outstanding is lost again. He's meant to be in Larkhill, but turned right instead of left.

Was the map upside down dear? Of course, being a man you'd never dream of asking for directions would you dear?
Bump! Yet again. :?
Hi All

With the roaring success of various ARRSE socials / crawls back in Bighty I reckon it would be a good idea to try and organise one for us poor buggers stuck in ze fatherland. I'm thinking of the Gutersloh Garrison area (gutersloh, bielefeld, herford) but obviously anyone from further afield is more than welcome (hameln, osnabruck etc etc). Before I move any further on this I would like to guage interest and also if anyone can suggest any suitable venues in the area that would be good (no houses of horizontal refreshment, but whatevers your bag I suppose).

I am thinking of around the start of April, easter notwithstanding, but this is totally flexible. Anyone interested in a night of Warsteiner und Jagermeister stick a post on this thread and we'll go from there. Cheers
Loving North Rhine Westphalia. The idea was proposed before but nothing happened. Think it would make an excellent crawl.

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