ARRSE users in Canary Wharf

Just as in the City there is a large number of ARRSE members I am going to bet there's a fair few in Canary Wharf too. I certainly find that I spend about 2 days a week over there on a regular basis these days. Looking through my diary I see that I have a client meeting at 12 but am free for the rest of the day. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, does anyone fancy meeting up this Friday lunchtime at Canary Wharf and then see what the afternoon brings? If its anything like the City meet-ups it should be fairly drunken.
Sounds like fun. Allow me to check with her goodself.
Hi, just found this thread. Anything happening on drinks in CW?
sappagirl said:
Hi, just found this thread. Anything happening on drinks in CW?
Suggest a time and place and see what happens. Better still, for those who are concerned about persec, send time and place to those who are interested by pm. By the way, I'm interested, so pm me.
Sandbanks, thank you for the invitation, however getting from Riga to Canary Wharf at the required time is, I am very sorry to say, not possible. That said I will be with you in spirit, literally!
Should any ARRSE members ever be in Riga please consider the same invitation issued for here. The women are incredable and so are the drinking arrangements.
You're welcome. The only problem is that my invitation was for a meet-up just under a month ago. Sappagirl threw her hat into the ring about organising another so I set her the challenge to do so but as yet nothing heard.
Sandbags, no problem, I need no excuse on a friday to get in the spirit, in fact I'll have another one to make up for being a month late. If Sappagirl fancies displaying her command task skills she can organise it here. Can't line up a bloke for her though, that she'll have to do herself.
Sorry, not checked back. What time of day are we looking at?
Couple of bars around the area, i hear the gun is nice. then there's the usual all bar one and slug and lettuce. etc
I would suggest somewhere reasonably central and Friday lunchtime is often a good time to start. Other than that choose a bar, and pm interested parties as they register their interest on here. It may be an idea to put your mobile telephone number on the pm so that we know who you are - nothing quite as embarrassing as walking into a bar and shouting "I'm with ARRSE" or something similar. :D
Fridays aren't a good one for me as im in the west end.

The thought of someone calling out 'im with arrse would be amusing'.
But feel free to stalk me by PM with a date, maybe thur lunch or after school! I'll raid the sites for a somewhat decent bar. Could then let you know date time place and my mob no- but no calls at 3am heavy breathing, i warn ya.
It will only happen if you make it happen. Suggest a date, RV and time. Then sit back and watch as nobody turns up!! Seriously though, my job often takes me to the Wharf at least once a week so go ahead and organise something.
I can't do Wednesdays .......

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