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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by themaadone, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Goku and I have had an excellent idea!

    After talking to several members of this site face 2 face and online it has become obvious that friday can be the mad rush home and people are cautious about losing weekend harmony due to beer breath and late arrival at 0A's location.

    Therefore - We proudly present the Midweek after work drinkie pooh session!

    First meeting - Wednesday the 25th of October in a pub in the city.

    It obviously wont be the usual liverbuster as most, if not all, will have some form of thing to do the next day (spit into the corner WORK) but nevertheless, it could be an alternative for those unable to make the friday evenings.

    I suggest 1700 onwards in a pub which GOKU will nominate so that it will be easily accesible for most people!

    Hope you'll make it even if only for one or three as this could be the next ....hic

  2. Easily accessible eh?

    Usual place then, the Lamb seams to be easy enough for most people.
  3. I will only be able to do it for an hour on non-alkaholeic drinks, as I 'do' stuff on a Weds night where I must report for duty sober...... Grrrr
  4. Lambs - You'll need to send a route card (minus points of "contact" for land-rover doors!!! TeeHee
  5. Sorry folks thats me out too BMF beasting sessions on wednesday for me!
  6. Lamb - is that the City ??
  7. arrr - the chosen watering hole of the insurance broker !
  8. I may be able to pop along for a couple of glasses of rioja.......
  9. I must really circumnavigate a hang-over for thursday mind you all!
  10. It's never just a couple :D
  11. true - maybe I should make an appointment with the doctor/dentist/plumber to explain late arrival at work on Thursday :D
  12. OMG - Goku really wants me staggering along again hehehe....... bums, Goku, Bums!!
  13. 8O

  14. Walkabouts..... that friday night.... you remember !!!! hehehe