Arrse users and Armynet

Discussion in 'ArmyNet Announcements' started by Accidental_Sex, Apr 13, 2008.

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  2. Forum.

  3. News updates.

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  4. Email and Forum.

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  1. Just a simple question do any of yous who are serving and using arrse use Armynet to check pay the forums, email whatever? I know myself i use Armynet and keep a check up on the forums but have felt alittle insecure posting subjects on there forums that the Army might not like but now they have a anonymous posting feature that they say will only turn over your details to anyone if the police or a warrent was issued?

    So if you dont use Armynet could yous post a few reasons why not and same for if you do.

  2. Pay statements, not much else.

    Especially with the double hard login memorable word malarky.
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Pay, email and an information resource.

    See the news on ArmyNet3 and the proposed upgrades; looks good.
  4. Pay statements and forum....
  5. Seconded.

    Like the fcuking enigma code.
  6. Pay statements and forum....
  7. Seconded.

    Like the fcuking enigma code.
  8. Good poll AS(!), and it's good to hear that people are developing trust in the anonymous post feature - this is already starting to become popular.

    I understand that the login procedure may be a touch difficult, but it is necessary in order to ensure that the site remains as secure as possible. With most browsers you can have your user name and pw saved so you only need to enter your memorable word. I can do a walkthrough on here if that helps.

  9. Armynet is poo. I've used it twice in the last month and it's failed to deliver both times. The search functionality is as bad as DII.
  10. It always seems to have a problem getting my payslips up...
  11. I use it solely for pay statements. I wouldnt even do that if they could either get the hard copy to me on time or give me JPA access.

    I know there will be excuses (and that is all they will be) but why is the funding for Armynet and JPA not being used to create one integrated system that allows us to do all the user-tasks on JPA via internet as well as giving some of the additional features that Armynet currently offers.
  12. In response to the above comments:

    ST2B - We are working on the search facility - as ArmyNET has grown so quickly, the search function has been slightly neglected. This is being addressed.

    Hugh_J - if you PM me your details I'll have a look to see if I can identify where the problem is.

    DFS - We are working (hard!) on JPA access through the ArmyNET portal. A joined-up one-stop-shop is where we want to be, but we have some way to go.


  13. I use ArmyNet for email quite regularly, I've noticed the forums are becoming more active lately, so I've had a poke about in there. It can also be a very good resource for DINs, ABNs, AINS, DIBs et al in absence of DII availability.

    I'm on IE7 and my password is saved, the 'memorable word' issue is easy enough to deal with..........use a memorable one. :lol:
  14. I guess the real question is why were two systems developed in isolation when it was clear from the outset that a joined up solution was what was really needed.
  15. PM sent.