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Sitting at my desk at 2000hrs on a Friday with no view to leaving for a couple of hours yet and with at least a few hours here tomorrow and Sunday to look forward to I'm not in the best of moods, but I did want to thank my fellow ARRSErs for their vital contribution to my work-life: the provision of an endless supply of "strong" passwords by way of the bizarre usernames you choose! No matter how dull my day is, when I log into a new system and type the password I'm invariably reminded of something that that ARRSEr has written and it makes me smile, so thank you all! :D
I gather you are on duty then ? The Arrse falls out of this site on a Fritag, Im glad there are still some Arrse's about.
It would be wonderful to be back in a post that meant you finished at lunch time friday. Can't wait to get back to RD! I will be here til at least 1800!
Mine comes from a book called 'Dispatches' by Michael Herr. He was journalist in Vietnam from 1967 to 1969. He alternated among the troops in action, "shore leave" in Saigon or Danang, and occasional visits to the States.

to quote a great paragraph:-

'He was a moving-target-survivor subscriber, a true child of the war, because except for the rare times when you were pinned or stranded, the system was geared to keep you mobile, if that was what you thought you wanted. As a technique for staying alive it seemed to make as much sense as anything, given naturally that you were there to begin with and wanted to see it close'

(worked for me in NI, Boz and Iraq)

Have you used mine yet DB? Or am I too young for you to want to use it?
DB's current password is iwantctauchsc0ck :D
ctauch said:
DB's current password is iwantctauchs0ck :D
Why would she want your sock? Does she have a foot fetish?
DozyBint said:
hellfyyr said:
I dread to think what you though if you used mine...

Not used yours yet, Helly, but it has 8 letters, so has potential! As for what I'd think of... :D :lol:
I suspect you could get a second smaller password from what you think; "knob" springs to mind...

Nearest I get to eight is my user name lol


You can use my real name if you want DB...........Manuel Relief (It's Spanish....on my mothers side)
polar said:
I wonder how many use their service number for their password?
That's a good question, I know I have in the past. Someone gave me a shock not to long ago, I havent seen this bloke for about 18 year's and his first word's to me were my service nr. name and where I come from. I was gobsmacked, and changed all of my password's to something not so obvious.
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