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ARRSE Useability

In our constant drive for excellence blah....

We've put a lot of effort into keeping the site fast and useable despite ever increasing use and of course the need to show you the advertising that supports the site (thank you sponsors!). The latest modifications being the move of almost all graphics from the main forums index page (faster loading and easier to use) and a second high spec, expensive server (thank you donors) to make the site as fast as possible - pretty damn fast I think anyone with a decent connection will admit. While on this theme if anyone has any comments about how we could make the site as easy, fast, enjoyable and simple to use as possible, now would be a good moment.

As a starter, one thing we know is needed are better FAQs in the ARRSEPedia. We still get plenty of emails asking about the 'same old' which mean that there are frustrations that need addressing.

I would prefer this thread to stay on the subject of useability, rather than possible extras, which could be posted in a separate thread if you wish.

Thanks for your input.
Please could you post a list of the 'questions' and I will be happy to start off/edit the wiki page for the answers.

Sorry - being slow sticky. Could you explain that in a bit more detail.

Point noted about blogs and don't blame BCO, it was me that turned it off before. I will add it to the list.

FAQs needed - now that is an offer I can't refuse. I would be very grateful to the old and bold for some guideance about the site in the wiki FAQ section (follow FAQ link on front page)

Our most common questions (and therefore most common frustrations for users) and our 'cut'n'paste' email answers are:

(pms in outbox)

Don't worry this is the way that the site PM system works. A PM remains in your outbox until the recipient logs in at which point it gets moved into their inbox. Your friend has clearly not logged in recently.

(change email)

We removed the ability of users to change their email addresses after this facility was abused by a small minority.

A lot of people ask to change their address because they believe that the email address they registered with is displayed on the website. I can assure you that this is not the case - although you can see it displayed it is not not visible to anyone else other than the site admin team.

If you would still like to change the address it's no problem, just please let me know what you would like me to change it to.

(email visible)

Your concern that everyone will be able to see your email address is quite a common one. Do not worry though as the software that runs the site recognises when you are logged in. It therefore displays your email address to yourself but hides it from all other users. Have a look on the site and see if you can see anyone elses. Also try logging out and then see if you can see your own.

Obviously we take privacy/PERSEC issues very seriously so if you are not happy with this response then please get back to us.

(change user name)

We restricted the ability of users to change their log in names some time ago as it was being abused by a small minority of users. Changes to usernames can now only be made by the two site admins.

If you let us what you would like as your new username we will do the honours. If it's reasonably likely that someone else already has the name, then it's worth visiting the forum search page and searching for posts by that username to check it's not taken.

(remove picture help)

Pictures can only be removed by the site admin (i.e us) but we are more than happy to do this if you send us the URL (link) to the picture that you are not happy with.
And I'm sure there are loads more. A '10 basics you need to know to use ARRSE' would be good too. Because we have a lot of 'normal' users rather that geeks like me, there are a lot of people who visit the site having never used forums before. Actually that was me too before we started ARRSE. Stuff I take for granted - joining, why join, posting etc, is far from obvious to a lot of people I think. Thoughts?
I think this is what Sticky was getting at - links on the site index page to the individual forums rather than having to go through the forums main page or a post from that forum showing on the site index.

Cheers GCO. We all appreciate the work your doing.



Book Reviewer
custard_war said:
I think this is what Sticky was getting at - links on the site index page to the individual forums rather than having to go through the forums main page or a post from that forum showing on the site index.

Cheers GCO. We all appreciate the work your doing.


If it was what Sticky was getting at, it's already available through BFG's Arrse toolbar, thus:



Book Reviewer
I thought that he meant is this:

On the Site Index have a link to the individual pages in a thread, so that you could jump straight to the 1st, 2nd 3rd etc page.

I'm sure he'll jump in and correct me if I'm wrong (but that's what I was saying was a good idea!)
I'm back!

Yep, Legs is right.

If you look at the index of a forum, each multi-page thread has small numbered hyperlinks under the title allowing you to jump directly to the last (or whichever) page in the thread. Just a quick way of bypassing the stuff you've already read. It would be nice to be able to do that directly from the site index (20 most recent posts) page.

Cheers, Sticky


The wiki navigation/tool bar is poo in comparison to how it used to be. How about reverting it back to how it was before the upgrade?
Now you're just winding me up so I'll be impressed when you flick the switch marked 'Turn on Hyperlinks'.
I'll have you know I'm quite up on this interweb thingy; I have some delivered every week by horse & cart whether I need it or not.
Good CO said:
For STABTiffy, that's the blogs icon back on the front page.
Not just Stabtiffy, GCO. I'm very happy to see the icon back too, as will Polar69, Sarnian (I think? anyway whatever his username his Crow blog was really good until he got injured; hope he resumes later) and a few others. I hope more people click on it now and again so that the blogs become more than a neglected backwater of the site.

Thanks for putting the icon back, and for all the other work.

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