Arrse up Face Down Fantasy Footy League 21/22


A direct attempt on target that the goaly stops from entering the net without assistance from a defender.
So it could be a world class save and that counts the same as a tame shot rolling along the floor?
Lots of high end players missing in action due in most part to Champions & Europa League games and a postponed match caused a low scoring week for a lot of players.

The IRON snatched the High score, Nobbygas gained the 6 week high and our average was a meager 48.1.

Next GW(14) is tomorrow - TUESDAY 30th and runs until Thursday evening.
GW-15 starts 1 day later on the 4th Dec.
What do you mean FY Information only, being top of a table is worth celebrating whatever the table is. I was searching down in Div 2 for my team and thought you may have missed me out, only to find myself atop the lot, outstanding I say but doubt it will ever happen again.
Keep it up for the remaining 5 months and you will be titled 'THE CHAMPION' :cool:

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