Arrse under attack?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PassingBells, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. The Pentagon is setting up a new unit to ensure that the correct message is going out on the internet and on 24 hour news services.

    Does this mean that we shall soon be seeing a new breed of Arrser who corrects "inaccurate" analysis and "corrects the record".

    Call me Winston Smith!

    Appologies to those neo-cons alreadys posting on this site. You are on message and don't need to be concerned.

    Quotes taken out of context in true journalistic style.

  2. Trolls and walts in perfect balance.

    "Actually Im not trolling I have a warrant to correct you"

  3. I notice they steer well clear of words like TRUTH or FACT.
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Nail, head: meet.
  5. Didn't you know? The Information War is the Final Frontier. Or perhaps that was Final Solution, I get confused.
  6. After the fruitloop posted my number on here the other night, I am getting lots of lovely texts from someone claiming to be someone they clearly are not. I have informed the person involved and if you are watching Jeannie, I have told the police, and you should expect a call, or a knock on your door very shortly.

    Yours, Sluggy x

    Arrse under attack? Her Arrse or mine?
  7. We all better start singing "Oh, What a Lovely War," then.
    That might alay their suspicions.
  8. Found it, with apologies to George Orwell:

    Prescient, or should I fetch a new roll of tin foil?

  9. How long till the 'Ministry of Truth' becomes a reality?
  10. Its already here.
    We are at permanent war against an abstract noun.
  11. I'm just reading "State of Denial" the story of the post-war Jay Garner and Paul Bremner period.

    Anyone who dares to adopt a contrary position to Rumsfeld comitts an immediate carrer foul and becomes an " enemy of the state".

    some frightening insights into the true workings of "Team America"

    << except in Syria where apparently "Cartman " does the voiceover for our Don :wink: >>

    if there is hope it lies in the proles.......
  12. Can you post it again? I fancy a quick stalk but i'm probably too late to catch the snail.

  13. Ho, fcuking ho.

  14. ...on a false pretext
  15. FP, you don't work for the US government do you?