Arrse trf

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King-walt, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. How about a unique badge we can wear on civvy hoodies, jackets, tee etc ? :)
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  2. How about the Potato head holding an SA80?
  3. Do you not think the boy scouts brigade that was once the British Army with it's many trf already in existance, has enough without creating more ourselves?

    Christ OUR trf has just grown in size and now looks like a LZ Patch and we hardly ever wear MTP-PCS
  4. Here you go. Just for you.

  5. Actually the Black triangle is more in keeping with us Arbeitsscheu Menschen
  6. self rapist.jpg

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  7. OMG thank you I just don't know what to say! I might just get that printed and also make a t-shirt!
  8. TRF????

  9. Wah shield up: Potato head? Hasbro already threatened to sue, hence the Mushroom logo.
  10. Because I don't want to look like a complete tool?

    Please tell me you know what a TRF is.
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  11. Ok, how about this?

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  12. My current fave.

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  13. To be fair,there are a few choices.........

    TRF may refer to:
    The Rugby Forum, an online forum dedicated to Rugby union and Rugby league.
    Thief River Falls, Minnesota
    Sandefjord Airport, Torp, its IATA airport code, located near Oslo, Norway
    Texas Renaissance Festival
    Tactical Recognition Flash
    Tandem Repeat Finder, bioinformatics software to find tandem repeats
    Terminal Restriction Fragment (TRF) southern blot, the most widely used measurement technique for telomere length
    The Revival Fellowship, a Christian Pentecostal denomination based in Australia
    Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, racehorse rescue organization
    Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (or factor), a peptide hormone secreted by the hypothalamus
    TRF (band), a J-pop group
    The Royal Forums, a message board on World Royalty.
    Tribunal Regional Federal, Brazilian Federal appellate courts
    Tropical Rainforest
    Tuned radio frequency receiver
    PReS Text Reference Files
    Trail Riders Fellowship, a UK organization conserving green lane public rights of way
    The Reinvestment Fund, a Philadelphia-based community development financial institution