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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Sabre, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. You have all heard of the game, well most of you have anyway, for those who dont know i will expand

    Top Trumps is basically a game where you have a laod of stats on a card about certain articles, such as helicopters/motorbikes etc,
    It is normally played by two people, One will call out a stat such as engine size for example,

    The one with the highest engine size would win.
    The object is to win all the opponents cards

    I propose that we make people on arrse into top trumps cards.

    I know a place where i can get them made up, its just a case of obtaining the photos ( with blackend out sun galsses) and the categorys.

    If you are intrested in this idea, please let me know the categorys you wish to be on the cards,

    Please bare in mind that they will have to be gender non specific as that way we can include males as well as females.

    We will start with the cats first, then progress onto the people who wish to be imortailised on the cards if there is enough interest
  2. Categories:

    Number of Posts
    Date Joined
    Most pics in gallery :)oops:)
    Contribution medals
    Arm or Service
    Reg or TA or ACF or Other Uniformed or Civvy
  3. This would be great and you could certainly immortalise me in one.

    Who would be top trump though? bunfight over that one i think
  4. What a cracking prize for Miss and Mr ARRSE - they could be top trumps!!!!!!!
  5. well it wont be me thats for sure bull, but then again, even the top trump gets beaten on certain cats
  6. Top Trump would have to be Blondebint, special stat - No of Blue Berets

    :lol: :lol: :roll: :wink: :lol: :lol:
  7. B ollocks

    how about:

    Mong factor (Chromosome and opinion based)
    Deviant level(peer based)
    Chav %(obvious from posts/general attire/deportment)
    No of ASBOs (speaks for itself)
    Hardness(0-Pussy to 10-Granite)
    Milling Rating (0-Gets knocked out straight away to 10-knocks everybody out)
    Ugly Factor (I score highly on this one, although others are greater - Anya for instance)
    Pint rating per hour (Rate 6 as default - anything lowewr is not accepted)
    Fatness ( 0-Normal to 10-Complete Bloater and should be burned)

    Should be a little more interesting..................
  8. I think you need empiricals. "Arm" isn't a number.

    Some more for consideration...

    Breast Size
    Calibre of issue weapon
    Weight of issue weapon
    Horsepower of military transport. (Light Infantry = 0.25)
    Distance from Royal Observatory, Greenwich

    Number of posts changes too much.
  9. Seniority of Arm or Service is what I meant. (Should keep the "REMF" Baiters happy at least :lol:)
  10. Nah I think the original was better.

    Number of arms and how often serviced. :)