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Arrse Top Ten Sh*te list

This is bound to be pulled:

The Unofficial Arrse Users Top Ten Sh*te List (Show again :!: )

1. B*Liar
2. TCH
3. Gorgeous George Galloway
4. Blind Bat Blunket
5. Hamza The Hook
6. Piers Moran Morgan
7. The French
8. Tony Benn (ok, this one is probably just mine)
9. Dubya (for all you lefties)
10. The Prince of Darkness :?: :?: :?:

willing to be corrected or educated - discuss
1. Blair :twisted:
2. Michael Howard :twisted: toad
3. Labour activists :twisted: Turn them into lampshades and carpets
4. CRE- FCUKSTICKS :twisted:
5. National Union of Students :twisted: the next generation of whingeing SCUM
6. The dirty french
7. Social workers :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
8. Spineless senior ranks :twisted: :twisted:
9 Lefty university lecturers :twisted: impartial teaching MY ARSE
10. Chavs, gypos, Outrage, Mugabe etc etc etc :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Youve got me started now!!!!

There always time for social cleansing, ja????????
I know I'm being greedy but yes that oxygen thief Galloway, captain hook, rasta poet zapahwhatchamacallhim etc etc etc etc etc

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