ARRSE top 'bloke' award 2002!!

The blokes posted above are the ones that seem to post onto the site more often than others.......

Any other choices...Give us a shout! ;D ;)
I cant add anymore on, but I can delete someone that you think does'nt deserve being on the vote and put Eagle in place.... ???
Awwww....I feel really sorry for you now.. :'( Your still my friend are'nt you? Promise to involve you in the next one, ok? ;D ;)
By popular request... polls can now have up to 20 choices.  Get Eagle on there I say...
Hmm - this *should* have worked, can't figure out why it didn't.  Sorry Leanne but I can't do any more until I get back home to my PC with FTP software on.  I'm at home for Xmas so am too busy eating left over turkey.....
was stuffing my turkey whent he RSPCA turned up

Mind you they were more concerned with my own special brand of yuletide thick, creamy, white sauce
We'll see.......... ;)


Doh nut would get my vote for 'most disgusting' arrse member. (disgusting posts that is).
Thankyou ;D

Not sure what you mean though, just a young lad with smooth thighs and jumpers for goalposts trying to make his way in the world.

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