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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by BFG 9000, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Greetings peeps,

    Again, I've been working hard here at BFG Towers to bring you another technical marvel......
    The ARRSE Toolbar

    Here's a screenshot of the Firefox version showing the in built ARRSE links :-


    Here's a screenshot of the Internet Explorer version showing the live data feed* :-


    I also plan to add in the near future the functionality of the Shitlist™.

    I guarantee this to be spyware/virus/nastything free.

    You can download it here :-
    The ARRSE Toolbar

    As usual, feedback &/or abuse will be graciously recieved.
    I'll also be taking requests for functionality you would like to see.


  2. We Apple Mac users on the back burner then?
  3. BFG, you superstar! :D
  4. LMFAO This is Outstanding! Well Done BFG... :lol:
  5. Down loading and installing it now.....
  6. Not if you're using Firefox on OSX.......


  7. Ah Haaa! Thanks
  8. Useful tool would be a search at topic or content level for a key word. We frequently get repeated threads because it's a long process to trawl through the various forums ... particularly the newsworthy items.
  9. BFG,

    It's fine now... Thanks!
  10. Thought you would have stickied this by now?
  11. BFG, may I commend you on an excellent idea and fine piece of work.

    "...and vis zis ve shall take over ze vurld."
  12. Thats truly excellent BFG, if I wasnt such a hetero-tiger, I'd kiss you! Gerrr :wink:
  13. BFG *big snogs* you little hero It demi god!!
  14. And it's even simple enough for me to use! Howwwwzat!

    Beebs :)
  15. i am having problems loading the toolbar.

    i use mozilla firefox but just get software installation is disabled when i try to load it.and when i try to go on edit options it wont allow the site it just ignores it.

    am i doing something wrong or can i change the settings in some way to allow it to load