ARRSE Tie II: The ARRSE Tie Strikes Back

Will you buy one?

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  • Yes, but I would prefer another design (comment please)

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  • Maybe, but I would prefer another design (comment please)

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I'm hoping it will be cheaper (as I posted before), but let's say that it'll cost 20 quid by the time it arrives on your doorstep. Bear in mind that BCO has to be suitably rewarded for running up and down to the post office!

The design would be this with the pink and black stripes the other way round as in the blow up:



We can assume that it will be good quality woven silk with a light texture - I'm confident after some discussions with two different companies. It may even have an ARRSE label in the back. I hear gasps of sheer delight.

Place your votes!
Lovely tie, I would cheerfully re-mortgage my house, pimp my wife and sell my children for medical experiments (especially the boy) in order to afford one of these.

Perhaps the Special (no, not different, special) Recce Regt might adopt this design for its tie?? :lol:


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Yes please.
(edited due to not reading GCO's 1st post properly)
Textured by not too much - I've said 'classic' to the manufacturers. Here is a suggested texture / stripe which I like. Obviously this is a real close up. The stripes are only narrow, as ours would be:


Comments on texture welcome. As I say, I've said lightly textured.

The full size photo may help:

Looking at the votes I think this is probably an option. Exactly the same colours (except the blue background obviously)? All the same width?
ViroBono said:
I will also have both designs. Can't wait for the matching dressing-gown....
I would buy both as well.
Done, I'm in for both.....

.... and hows about a cravat for the Household 'baby tank' chaps??? :lol: :lol: :lol:


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er,hate to say it Good CO, but the latest pic looks uncannily like the Welch Regt tie I bought my Dad about ten years ago....shurely shome mishtake ?

Whatever happened to " let's use MSR's logo " ? Did the secret handshake mob vote it down ?

Le Chevre
I have to say that 'logo' ties are the province of cheap Men's Working Clubs, Company ties at Sandhurst (I still have my Waterloo and Normandy ties), and similar places of low repute. :D

An Army tie practically demands stripes (preferably as thick as a Gunner) in vile colours, in order that we can greet one another when abroad in town, or on Ops worldwide.

As to the question of thin vs thick stripes, I have to say that I would willingly part with cash for both, but I am slightly concerned that the inherent value of the tie will be reduced if it exists in 2 variants. Can I suggest that we have just 1 (one) design that leaves no area for confusion? We must be able to recognise one another instantly, in even the most trying of conditions, without also thinking 'Now, is that the ARRSE tie (Thin Variant Mk1), or a nasty public school arrangement?'

Enough idle chat from me on the subject - money is ready to go! :D


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The thread has only been going since 5pm - ish (depending on where you are) but there are only 5 desenters out of 40.

Go for it - place the order and set up an order line for us to get in there, place our orders and pay up now. I don't know about others but I am quite happy to put in £20 and if that is what it comes out to then great, any more, just ask, any less - another donation.

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