ARRSE Tie and Remembrance Sunday

A quick question if I may, if anyone is still here at 0045 on 12 Nov 06.

Would it be inappropriate to wear said ARRSE Tie at a Remembrance Service and church to follow.

Knowing the nature of this site, its views and beliefs, does anyone consider it may be a little disrespectful.

Please help as I don't wish to e seen in publice with a Really Large Corps Tie.

An ARRSE tie is a respectful as it gets.

Thats a rather odd attitude 570mils
Sorry to sound odd

Just thought about some of the older gents not recognising it and then trying to explain its origins.

More concerned about how they would take it/ understand its significance.
I think that 570 was concerned that as ARRSE is rather irreverent at times that it might not be deemed completely respectable to wear an ARRSE tie to an event that is by its very nature reverent.

For what it's worth, I think that the tie is perfectly respectable...
You should explain that its an informal but highly influential internet grouping of serving and ex serving with a sprinkling of supportive civies.

Then you should tell them to get their Grandkids to set their machines up so they can have a look.

There are plenty of 65+ types on here already.


I wore my mister potato head badge today ;) Consider it advertising, I'm always hearing about the older generation getting more into the online world (believe there are now some terminals in Royal Hospital Chelsea). It would be great to get some WWII veterans to come to ARRSE, and despite the deserved respect they warrant, I'll wager lads in the 40s weren't/aren't that different to lads in the naughties...

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