ARRSE, the Year in Review

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by meridian, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Its coming up to yet another year of ARRSE.

    Internet spats, walt obsession, revelations about members who live in mansions, intolerance of friendly banter about gassing queers, regular outrage charabank outings galore, a couple of great NAAFI threads, bannings, Hols4Heroes continuing success, charidee auctions, para/hat baiting. offerings of 'outside 5 minutes' that never happened, shed obsession and the continuing resilience of the 'lady thread'

    Lowlights for me include the overwhelming dross in the NAAFI, the Walt obsession and the rabid anti labour posters who use words like Liabore etc etc

    Highlights, Holidays4Heroes (thanks everyone) and the quality discussion on the A400, UAV's and a few others

    What are your highlights and lowlights of the year, favourite threads, dullest moments, biggest bellend or most informative debate?
  2. 25th of April
    The only day in 2009 that the keys to the outrage bus stayed on their peg
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The fall & afterbirth of MDN.

    (Was going to say rebirth but afterbirth was more........appropriate)
  4. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Up: The quite spectacular internet spat that happened after the London crawl was good for a giggle.
    Introduction of the Newsletter.
    The better informed threads in CA.
    Recent NAAFI threads.

    Down: The continuing use of LOL, ROTFL, and so forth.
    The terms Nu Liarbore, Tony B'liar, Broon.
    The padre who's 'good with colours'.

    Bellend: Bugsy.
  5. You've done it now! Start renaming the thread 'BUGSY, the year in Review'

    Failing that, 'BUGSY The Lying Cunt' will suffice.

    Edited to add, he's reading this now......5....4....3....2.....
  6. Highs: Newsletter appearing in my e mail account.
    The quality pics in the lady thread show no signs of ending.

    Lows: Great threads starting then dying because the people who think they are funny crayoning all over them with inane crap.
    The amount of walt threads. Boring!
    The amount of idiots trying to ingratiate themselves with...well...with god knows who to be in the "in gang".
    The new folks that think posting over 1000 posts full of dross within a month is the way ahead.

    Apart from that, Im glad Arrse is still here because even though it seems like its been total sh1t for a while, its still a great home from home if you can avoid the dross.
  7. Good: Being able to have a laugh most days, finding out I'm not the only one with the fcuked up sense of humour, H4H

    Bad: Mongs thinking that one word posts add to the quality of the conversation..
    Civvies (Myself included),
    Outrage threads.
  8. Seconded.

    Highlights include the debates that have been led from ARRSE - and followed by the media.
  9. Ups: The newsletter's been good, the 'Come and have a go...' threads have been class, the recent revitalisation of CAs has been pure relief.

    Downs: Everything Sixty and Buggrit said. I had a twinge of sympathy for Bugsy to begin with as the howling mob went for him, but frankly the man's starting to get on my tits.

    Thank God for Best of NAAFI Bar.
  10. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Thats a bit fcuking harsh :D
  11. OK, that came out wrong. Nothing personal, guys! :D
  12. Highs:

    Reni, he's just solid gold.
    Getting rid of all the signature junk, it was funny at times but did clog the screen.
    Meeting some of the Arrsers, pure class.
    Pararegtom, an outstanding guy.
    Army Vs Andrew at HQ fissed as a part with youngest son.
    Me being a bellend.


    Not so much the temporary loss of MDN as what the suspension stood for, it ended an era.
    Walt threads
    Sheds and Cranes
    Being sober far more than I should have been (personal one that)
    Me being a bellend.
  13. Good; being able to ID ourselves as ARRSErs with the brilliant looking ARRSE challenge coins.
    All the threads that helped me from becoming sane.

    Bad; the amount of Johnny Foreigners that infest this site .
  14. I hope you don't mean those crashey sexshy Dutch dudes. :D