Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CLOONEY, Dec 19, 2003.

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  1. Congratulations to all those so called planners from PJHQ/HQ LAND sitting around their log fires enjoying xmas with their families whilst the rest of us are packing our bags in anticipation of a TELIC flight on 24 Dec !! good to see that somebody has a sense of humour. Any comments ? or does anybody know of a more unsympathetic organisation. I guess the movers will insist on a MCCP on 23rd just to make it more interesting. :twisted:
  2. All say ahhh.

    Just remind me of the colour of your uniform?
  3. Stag on!
    P.S Merry xmas.
  4. I fully sympathise with your predicament, however tough shit, stag on bastard :D :D
  5. Excellent planning as I assume the guys you're taking over from won't fly back until 28th or so. Making twice the ammount of folk miss Christmas is a stroke of genius. Well done that stroker!

    I'll light my log fire now and open the wine...
  6. My mate is on the same flight(s) as you, and he's gutted. Only told three weeks ago. And we has load planned for the Xmas period. Now he's taking over some bloke on Xmas Day. Doesn't this happen as well for the Bosnia/Kosovo tours? A simple change of the fall of the 6th month would help towards the fcuk about factor at Christmas.

    Don't mistake the planners from PJHQ/HQ LAND with having families, etc. They’re all crusty old fcukers (WOs and Officers) who are single, so are not arrsed. Tough break mate.
  7. my r&r flight leaves on xmas eve wonder if the guys who were promised to be home for xmas are getting on the plane when it arrives in basra on xmas day hey at least i can dodge the mother in law
  8. I guess the way around this is to pull a stunt like most of those infantry tarts would - and lose my passport, that way I would be at home to stuff the turkey whilst at the same time having a giggle thinking of the RSM's face when I don't get off the plane in Basra. I sense I will only have to do about 30 days anyway to qualify for the medal - that said that's nearly as long as some of the 1 Div HQ staff did anyway isn't it ?? :!:
  9. It'll be right. Don't worry. You will probably have a better time over there.

    However, you did sign on the dotted line.....
  10. My sentiments exactly. Sad as it is that you'll miss chrimbo and all that but if you wanted or expected an easy ride, you should work for someone else?
  11. Bosnia - Chrimbo 96. Best Christmas. You will have fun - honest!!
  12. I know im a new member a a bit of a sprog and all the rest of it but im gonna say it anyway.If you dont like the amount of time you spend away then get out of the Army no one is forcing you to stay in.Next time you can sign off do it.
  13. When you have spent a few Christmas's away from home and been around the f**k factor roundabout a few times then repost.

    A squaddie ain't happy unless he's griping shimfing or moaning.......

    Christmas away can be hard, but having just become a Dad I imagine it must be heartbreaking to be seperated from young kids at this time.

    I still hate pad bastards though :D :D
  14. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The voice of reason.
  15. Bet you had every hole filled during your tour. Typical army "doss bag liner"