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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by drain_sniffer, May 16, 2006.

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    Given that Bono has used the independant and a few celeb friends to tell the nation his wowes, surely the Arrse collective could do the same. Tell the nation the things they really need to know, a sort of cross between Soldier and Bizzare

    What stories would you run with, who would you interview, and who should run the thing.

    My vote goes for RTFQ or Convoy as gossip columnist/political editors
  2. i can be the fall guy if you end up offending anyone, which of course lets face it, is a slim chance.
    every good newspaper needs a scapegoat
  3. I would slap you all for your shite spelling.
  4. For the unititiated - and I guess there may be one or two here who are not avid admirers of St Bono the Egotistical - wowes actually stands for Wild Or Wacky Environmental Statements, something that the sunglasses-faced one is prone to utter, and not a howler of a spelling mistook......
  5. well spotted Rickshaw (thanks for pulling me out of that one :oops:
  6. Always delighted to spring to the aid of a colleague (and building up Brownie Points for my next - and inevitable speeling mistook.
  7. Lord Flash Heart for the Agony Aunt Column

    Cait for the anything related to religion

    Rincewind for a balanced politcal column :p

  8. Shortfuse for the Agony Aunt......

    Lord Flashheart for the Critic..... he does it so well!
  9. StabTiffy2B as Editor in Chief. I can think of no single person better qualified to unite, motivate and drive forward the eclectic crew of Arrsers who would be his staff.
  10. I was thinking of pentwynd for agony aunt, with warrior poet doing culture articles
  11. In Warrior Poet's case, shouldn't that be "kultur"?
  12. The arrse maidens could do food and beverages, ie wine tasting.
  13. Didn't know the wine bars around London, paris and other cities of culture served wine in a pint glass or stein accompanied with a bratwurst mit pommes rot/weiss :p

  14. They do if you bring your own glass and pour it in yourself ;-) Who needs a glass anyway when it comes in a bottle?