Arrse - The new political Party

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  1. What a marvellous response to my first post on this site, thank you, if the forum ever became a political party I would vote for them :excited:
  2. Been done before lots of times.
  3. What we need is another "how much do you earn" thread.

    Cos I'm ******* minted.
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  4. Both my cars are bigger than yours fat boy. You'll never have as much money as Ord_Sgt, he's considerably richer than yow.
  5. Meh. Size isn't everything. I've had my eye on a new SLK, though I'm quite taken by the new Jag XK or XF. Possible when I'm back in March I'll look at a new one.

    Fatboy? You should see me now! The AFG diet has worked it's magic. I've had to bin my clothes and buy a new wardrobe (I did mention Hugo Boss has a sale on)
  6. Well you'll not fit through a camel's arse to get into Heaven then, will you?

    Added: Either of you.
  7. TheIronDuke

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    I am but a humble hewer of logs so I shall vote whoever you rich people tell me to vote for. I know my place.
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  8. I rather though the Duke did what he jolly well wanted!