ARRSE - the Blankie generation

Whats with all the softness, poofy wingery and hissing at each other like precious schoolgirls this weekend?
Blankie shortage? Too much mangina sand? Hormonal overload?
It's the time of the month.
lack of cooking recipes......


Book Reviewer
It's just that there's no 6 Nations this weekend.

Mark The Convict

Overcrowding compounded by bad weather forcing you into even closer proximity indoors; you poor little lambs don't have any 'personal space'.

Good for founding an Empire though; add congenital syphilis, crap food, too much gin, public school buggery and a desperate desire to GTFO of Tunbridge Wells, and you have a recipe for carnage, ideally in someone else's country which you're in the process of nicking.

It's a wonder the whole Internet didn't explode like a carelessly-steered Zeppelin. It may yet do so.
Its all a commie plot to turn us all into poofs by putting Estrogenin the water supply.
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