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We have seen Dread with his Super-Dooper Gumball Rally car sporting the Arrse colours.
We have seen Nookie from Lads Army with his little Arrse Advert ( )

This gives me an idea for a little competition. (If you want a prize - ask the COs...)

Lets have some photos of really famous people advertising


Photos of Arrse logos/colours in strange and daring places.

Stick your photos on here so we can all have a good laugh at how low some people will go to have their photo taken.
If anyone can beat the following I'll be impressed. Bear in mind that this was taken on Op TELIC 1 in early 2003 (not by me):

Actually I quite like this one too:

The best I have managed (no photos I'm afraid) is to cover Farnborough College with arrse posters. especially in the mong friendly areas and student union bar (alcohol free ffs).
I was wondering if we could get some of our friends in the navy to arrange themselves on deck to spell out, similar to them showing their support for some football team or other.


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So, COs - Dare you supply a prize for the best? (Sorry, but I really think that COs must be excluded from winning...)
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