Arrse Terrorism


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No doubt it will take a downe airliner to herald the new '12 hour before check-in' system, astronomical fare hikes, and invasive search procedures. Say for example, someone has C4 inserted into a cavitry or the stomach through invasive surgery, and its remote detonated over...say, the Atlantic. On 25 simultaneous flights.

What happens to the Summer rush then? Doesn't sound too promising.
Once saw a documentary about these x-ray machines at check-in.........................oh, wait, that might have been a film


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Testing everyone for explosives/ammo/etc residue, dust, compounds and the like is doable, but its hit or miss sometimes, and is extremely slow.
They have a new way to slow our travel down. I've just driven the M6 from J4 to J10A. The over taking lane was full of idiots driving slowly when two inner lanes were free. Anything to ruin this country seems to be the norm for them!!!! Tw@ts!
I read an article recently about a company that invented a scanner that is like a saddle which the person being screened sits on for scanning. It was designed for prisons screening people for "contact visits" as opposed to visits through glass windows.

One thing they should do though is eliminate the rules about no racial/ethnic profiling. In the states they select people at random for additional screening. Why put extra effort in screening Agatha McSorley, an 83 year old grannie when they could put the extra effort into screening Kareem ali Abdulah. Still no guarantee though. The "shoe bomber" was born British and of afro-caribean ancestry IIRC.

Then again, my doctor wants me to get regular prostate exams, this might kill two birds with one stone.

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