ARRSE Tenth Anniversary - the LOWS

I'm currently putting together the next ARRSE newsletter which will be a special 10th anniversary issue on New Year's day. As part of this I'm looking at the lows but thought some of you who have been round a while may have some thoughts that I may have missed:

Keep an eye out for the next thread which will be the highs and hopefully should have many, many more!
I suppose the lows are having to listen to dribble from the likes of Caubeen, Peter Dow, Afghan K and Mike Golden, but a high point is the MUTE button being introduced.

Another low was finding out that DALE/Sluggy is really a bird but I have bigger MOOBS than she has.

Overall though a good showing and hopefully another 10 years plus ahead.
Will there be a special section about Chubb?
Those Arrsers who fell/ were grievously wounded.
Yes.And their dogs' dogs, too.
Yes. And their dogs. But not their dogs' dogs, cnuts

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