ARRSE tax disc holder

How much and where did you get it?
yet that was a free tax disc, so it's a lie, the owner of the t34 kharman Ghia hasn't paid tax on that car.
Ironic, given that's a NIL tax disc. On one of these, I believe:

Fucking hell, is it possible for you twats to get any more pedantic? :razz:
Who's the bald old coot taking the photo?
Just ordered 4 of each, fecking brilliant. Guess what my wife/son/daughter etc., are getting for their birthdays ?


Book Reviewer
They have another one mind:-

"Yes I've Paid My Tax - Now Go Fuck yourself"

That's the one going on my car.
Would be nice to have one suited for my motorbike
I can only find the one unfortunately - so it goes to the highest H4H bidder as of this time tomorrow (Fri 2230).

Looking at it, it's not quite identical to the one His Grace posted earlier, it's red and says F****** not Fucking, which is a bit shit but would cause less drama with any over sensitive types who might spot it.

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