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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by moving-target-survivor, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Gents,

    Buying a new man-dress. Any such thing as an ARRSE tartan?

    Much obliged

  2. Many thanks TT...I want to get something a little different to the norm.

    (Although we've got a 'clan' tartan, the heritage is scots/irsh and the family is cornish!)
  3. Different to the norm? Have you seen some of the tartans they've got?

    USMC tartan?

    Tartan Army tartan?

    Amarillo tartan?

    Salvation Army Hunting tartan?

    Porcupine tartan?
  4. I was looking through the various tartan sites, that Google threw up, for something in the ARRSE colours, but the searches don't work like that.

    But to have a tartan woven in the ARRSE colours would be spectacular.
  5. struth, I stand corrected.... but there's no-way I'm wearing a Septic design!

    I think the ARRSE colours would be good IMO
    (thanks for the website link)
  6. They've got some shite on that website!

    Err, as a SNCO, is there ever an opportunity for me to wear tartan if I'm eligible to do so? Seemingly, I do have a family tartan.....
  7. Unsure, but I've seen some RA people wearing tartan trousers with mess kit.
  8. Can you get tartan bell-bottoms?

    Seriously, no I don't think you can, unless it's authorised for your unit. I'm pretty sure you can wear civvy highland dress instead of mess kit though.
  9. probably 19 regiment (the highland gunners) or 40 regiment (the lowland gunners)
  10. fair-play, but i think this bloke was at 5 Reg.

    I suppose you exercise a right to wear a Tartan if the CO accepts it?

    (Indeed, what's the accepted rules for wearing a tartan thats not your own?)
  11. Dont know but I've got a tartan jump suit :D
  12. The Arrse tartan is here.