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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by General Melchett, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    At last the "thing" that's been missing from your life/car/mil veh.

    Quality die cut vinyl ARRSE site stickers.

    £4 each from General Melchett. PM me for details.

    Payment by paypal preferred.

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  2. Do not crayon all over this thread, and keep it on subject.
  3. I'd be proud tohave a couple of those General. PM inbound.
  4. I can see a couple going on duty vehicles, pm inbound. Photo of the best placed stickers in the gallery?
  5. As lovely as they look, will advertising this site like that only encourage more pro PIRA idiots and other trolls to come on and annoy us.

    Or perhaps the neighbours will start thinking that you take it up the ARRSE???? ;)
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    For you information from some PM's I have received the stickers are die cut to stick ON to whatever surface you choose. So suitable for both bikes, cars, windows, staff vehicles, weapon systems etc.

    Make sure the surface is as clean as possible (use spirit to clean first) then carefully remove the backing and press the sticker in required location. Rub the covering paper to ensure the lettering is stuck and then slowly peel back the covering paper. A final rub of the lettering to make sure the edges are stuck and you're ready to go. negative......
  7. Always! mate races BMWs in the Kumo league. I'll have one for his car. Can you please PM me details.
  8. Still waiting for details of how to purchase...

    Supply and Demand RLC :D
  9. How big are these things?

    I mean for 4squid a shot they would have to be pretty large?
  10. The clue is in the photo. They fit between the elements of the rear screen heater, so about 1" high? About 7p per character sounds cheaper, though.
  11. I can´t wait to get them on the COs car.... the guard rover.... any more for anymore?
  12. Aha, Bombay Duck in the Co's Rover Engine Compartment and a nice ARRSE Sticker on the rear of said vehicle...

    Talking about Stickers, is the ARRSE PotatoHead Cahracter, complete with ARRSE URL below available in sticker format yet? now that would indeed be a fine Visual Competition somwhere on ARRSE... "Where have You Stuck Your Arrse" - nowhere would be safe 8)
  13. I shall proudly stick them on my race bike to advertise on the German circuit !! PM to follow
  14. G_M,

    Do you have an Online Shop with Paypal buttons we can buy these excellent ARRSE reminders?
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Sorry chaps no online shop as yet.

    PM your wants and I'll send you details of how to pay.