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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fluffer, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. I've come across a web info site and found out some interesting stats:

    User percentages
    United Kingdom 56.6%
    United States 11.8%
    India 8.8%
    Germany 6.3%
    Australia 4.4%
    Indonesia 1.3%
    Other countries 10.6%

  2. Which bit is interesting?
  3. 0.00089% of global internet users access this site, that's down 13% on the previous 3 months.

    T'interweb, it's amazing.
  4. I found a copy of a sort of Proto-ARRSE saved there. Nothing like the slick design of today :)

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  5. Arrse in the past: Link
  6. and how does this work with these numbers then Hey Laddy :? traffic rank in other countries:

    United Kingdom5,656
    United States180,595

    and I've told you before - 99.76% of all stats are made up - including this one.
  7. However, this IS more interesting.

    Porn tubing attracts:

    Turkey 80,271
    Italy 107,926
    France 111,373
    United States 246,310
    India 289,871

    Which means I guess that India have more wannkers than the USA and the Frogs and eyeties are right up there on the drawing board with em.
  8. I think the interesting bit is that almost 9% of traffic is coming from India.... wtf??
  9. A certain toy company won't like you using that image!
  10. A certain toy comapny can go f*** themselves. Spudhead shall live on!
  11. Oh it's Mr Spudhead,that's ok then.And there was me thinking it was Mr Potatohead.Sorry for the confusion.