We've started getting spam which appears to be coming from This is the result of a virus and the messages do not come from us.

If you're getting messages saying "Your account has been suspended for security reasons" or similar with a .zip attachment (containing the virus), I assure you it's nothing to do with us. Look at the full email headers, and they will show where the email came from in reality.

An example of this is the Worm_Mytob virus ( From th windows address book it picks an email address to use as it's 'from' address (in this case we've been unlucky enough (?) to have been picked), and then emails messages to other entries in the address book. If your email address is in the address book of the PC with the virus then you too will get the spam emails.

Fortunately ARRSE users' email address are not visible to each other. So it's very unlikely that your email address will be stored in the same infected PC's address book as the email address. I hope therefore that no-one is affected.
and I though this was about me and/or corp... :D
ViroBono said:
I use a Mac. What's a virus?
And still own an 8 Track and Betamax no doubt. You rebel you...

GCO, does this virus do the roboty thing and search a site for emails in public view too. Ie ones that have been posted on the site?
Mytob is very prevalant at the moment, i use an email address and get 10-20 copies of it a day to my bulk folder.

This link Here gives you full instruction and a removal tool for all the varients of mytob, its from Sophos and is free.


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