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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by UKLF_Kat, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. 230606

    Greyhound Wilton SP2 OAG
  2. I think what UKLF Kat is trying to say, is that there is a mini crawl in the Greyhound in Wilton on the 23rd June.

    Would anyone like to go?

    I might make an effort to go if the talent is worth it.

    Add your names on the list if you are in the vicinity. Imagine the Salisbury one, but on a smaller scale.

    (I will teach her how to post properly one day.........)
  3. And spell?
  4. blah
  5. I might be able to make it!
  6. Back in my home town of Salisbury next week, may come a long!

    Nearest station is Salisbury. Lots of accomodation in Salisbury (approx 3 miles away), there is also a couple of b&b's in wilton (think)!
  7. Yeah ............ wouldn't mind. Is it open to any ARRSE members (even civvies? :oops: ).

    From the avatars, it's looking like a "girls' nite-out" 8O

    What time's "kick-off"? I can't say for definite, but fancy it'll be fun.

    I'll need to find accommodation. I had a quick search last night ...... seems there's one pub in Wilton with accommodation.

    But, provisionally:

  8. blah
  9. I did toy with the idea of saying I'd share a room with you Rab ......... as in "this is only the internet", innit!!!!!!
  10. Are you in the RAF?????
  11. Fresh pants please. My bag is full.

    Matelot, your spelling is wrong. As he says, no cigar.

    (You are going right down the list as I type.)
  12. [/quote]
  13. Just tip up at the Greyhound