ARRSE Sigs lost it?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. This used to be one of the main forums. So why is it now a shallow turd?

    I liked the wind ups (drillmehard thanks). The tech/IS Eng posts (your still all promoted too quickly), although I want Capt as my next rank (Technical Officer PQO - TA). What about civ geeks vrs sigs, ok us geeks have an head start, ICS is our baby not yours.

    Are people on this forum going to bite or just play on their PS3
  2. Defence consultancy is what it's all about Polar and they know it.

    Saying that I'll take my hat off to anyone who can work out what the heck JOCS is trying to do with it self at any given moment. Seriously it's driving me nuts. Loving it long time.

    Can't wait until migration to DII(F) when we sell our military bodies to Microsoft...
  3. Wish I had a PS3 - it would save me lurking on this website :wink:
  4. Prolly because it's the same "trade wars" in every thread and people are probably getting bored of it by now, I know I am.
  5. i had noticed the decline, even mentioned it in the "whats the best thing about being in the royal signals "post.

    i think higround hit it on the head. trade wars. but then again its exactly the same in the garages in work anyway so rock on!
  6. Techs cant fight, or fix stuff or (insert action here).
  7. or be as gay as operators!
  8. Woohoo the trade war starts again!

  9. Fun while it lasted and I got 2 bites.

  10. This board has gone dead, no doubt. Maybe because all the good guys are out now......

    Anyway. If anyone sees a chubby gobshite in the Corps Bar and feels like socking me in the gob, I shall have my arrse watchstrap on and will be very tranquilised so crack on !

    And BTW, Operators are poofs. ;-)
  11. We need Disco to resurect his Voice over IP thread :D

    Or we need to restart the technical (i.e. knowing something about comms) officers thread

    Or as TA_Sig mentions does the civvy(/TA?) threat to our corps need airing
  12. Maybe there just isnt enough sigs know about this website? Or are they all in the troop bar instead of pissing about on the interweb? Or are all the folk on the web being tracked down by rouge group of is ops and being gang bummed
  13. Cheers Guru, that means I'm going to be mistaken for you now!
  14. had a bit of an insight on reebok operator job...too much like hard work lifting that sky dish out every time.. i'll stick to being a tech for the for ed's we'll not mention them weirdos
  15. So you didn't stick around for the 24 hrs of porn videos?