ARRSE Shop to Close - Buy now or forever feel poorly dressed

Don't forget to keep a few items back for the November auction!! My original Arrse t-shirt went for a fair few quid don't forget!
Thanks MV - appreciated! Good point JD. The remainder will go to a good cause or a gizits at something like the Army/Navy next year.
Good CO, when will you know about the mugs? Mine bit the dust just before Xmas, need to get my hands on a new one.




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That is what you get for selling gear that actually lasts for quite a while. Got my t-shirts a few years ago and they are still almost as new. Sell cheap tat that needs replaced and you have an on-going shop!

Mind you, they seem to have shrunk in that magic cupboard that shrinks all my clothes. :(

See if you can get someone to take over the "Tour" t-shirt/polo shirt franchise as there are always a few each year. Either that or licence the MRH logo and charge a smallish sum for its use on shirts etc. All funds to Arrse with 10% consultation fee to me :)




Ties are great quality, I use mine when I'm doing Professional Witness, what better way to promote ARRSE than destroying the defence of gobshites all over the country?


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Can I trade this Royal Artillery tie I found for a bow tie ?

It's 100 % terylene ...

Fighting tie purchased......I swamped on my Corps tie in November, not been the same since
Re Mr PH shirts

Nope - I've got a rare sweat stained, paint flecked Blue one which I'll flog you for a couple of hundred though. Interested?
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