Arrse Shooting Club event at Bisley 10th March 2007

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by EX_STAB, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. I wish to attend as a shooter.

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  2. I wish to attend as a non-shooting visitor.

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  3. I would like to attend as a shooter but can't make this date.

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  1. See Orders on page 5 of this thread


    Please post a message as well as voting so I know who is planning to come.

    Saturday March 10th 2007
    08.30-12.30 & 13.30-16.30
    Short Siberia Range, 200 yd point
    Bisley Camp.
    Bisley, Brookwood, Surrey. GU24 0PB

    Balancing PERSEC on here with firearms security in the real world is difficult. I have set up an email address to help manage this. I trust that ADMIN won't object to this as it's in the interests of PERSEC.
    If anyone sees any faults with the following system please let me know by PM.

    Attendees wishing to shoot must be members of a Home Office Approved club.

    For those with an FAC endorsed for Target Shooting, production of the FAC on the day will be satisfactory evidence of membership.

    For non-FAC members of Home Office Approved clubs, verifiable evidence of membership must be provided to me in advance so that I can check back through NRA/NSRA and your club. This enables me to weed out any journalists or Antis. Send name, club and club secretary's contact details by email to .
    No need to provide your arrse username so the connection between your arrse identity and your real identity is never made by me or anyone else. No need to provide your home address so you needn't worry that I'm some criminal fishing for firearm owners homes to burgle. ;)
    You will need a photo ID on the day. Mod90, passport, photocard driving licence or shotgun certificate will be acceptable.

    Non shooting attendees.
    If you are not a member of a Home Office Approved club you cannot shoot or have access to firearms. Non shooting attendees must be accompanied by a FAC holder at all times who shall be responsible for their behaviour. PM me if you fall into this category. I will limit numbers on this I'm afraid. I'm really only including it at all for the benefit of spouses etc.

    All attendees shall be recorded in the Range Register.

    Range Conducting Officers.
    If anyone holds a Range Conducting Officer certificate, can you please advise me by pm or at
    Getting back to the less serious aspects.

    Depending on numbers I shall book one or two lanes. I doubt that more than two lanes will be required.
    For ballistic limits, check with the NRA. The usual 30 calibres are fine of course. 22-250 and 338 Lap magnum are specifically prohibited. So is 12 bore slug or other shotgun cartridges. Smoothbore black powder muskets are OK though.
    Ugly is providing a Zulu shield target. We shall also have a 200yd NRA roundel and some hand held fig 12 equivalents etc.

    Soup or something may be provided on the firing point. I'll see how busy I am. In any case, the Middlesex and other clubs usually have something available for lunch.

    A curry dinner in Brookwood has been suggested and should I think be mandatory. Can someone advise on this?

    Accomodation is available on camp. See here.
    Firearms can be stored at the NRA armoury overnight. You will need your FAC to get them back!

    The range hire is £37.80 per lane. I will just split this evenly between the shooters. I reserve the right to round it up if necessary with any surplus going to the hosting club.

    Note that non ARRSE members of the hosting club may be in attendance.

    So, who's coming?

    Edit to add:

    Apart from the host club members who will be there I'd rather limit this to Arrsers. Please don't post it all round the shooting community because I don't want to have hundreds of people turning up unannounced and find that I've got a National open on my hands!
    If it works out we can discuss a larger event for later in the year.

    Edit to add the year to the date now the thread has been revived three years later on! :omfg:
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I can act as point RCO and also bring lots of guns. wait out for a confirmation but its looking good!
  3. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Unable for numerous reasons, but fantastic job guys!

    Hope it all works out!

    BTW, minister_doh_nut is the cringing one :threaten:
  4. Thanks :thumleft:
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    as someone who only did range work while playing soldiers can you please explain to me the following and where do you get the volunteers to hold them:

    my bold

  6. I don't have a FAC (student with no cash), but if you need markers I'll volunteer.
  7. Sounds fun,

    I shall be there,

    Will MDN be gracing us with his presence?
  8. Giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming this isn't a wah...

    They're on long sticks and you hide behind the mantlet while exposing them over the top.
  9. Are you a member of a Home Office approved club?
  10. Forgive me for bumping this. The event's only four weeks off so I need to get an idea of numbers.


    Ex STAB
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    'Kinell I better pull my finger out as I spend all day playing at the mo!
  12. There's time yet!

    So far we've got 7 expressions of interest. I think there might be 4 more attendees from the club so one lane should be adequate I think. For a 7 hour day that gives over half an hour actual shooting time each which might not sound much but is 60 rounds at minimum, more if we do some rapid fire shoots. What do you reckon Ugly?
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'll bring shedloads of ammo, I hope I dont have to take it back with me!
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have progressed with the shield, I have a mate in a design office hopefully knocking a few out this weekend, targets that is, and here are the suggested scoring areas shown in light pencil on the hand drawn one.
    Its just over 1 metre high, the V bull is marked by the red pencil and the Bull by the blue. the 4 ring is the square indicated by the yellow pencil and everything else inside the shield is a 3.
    Part of the fun will be the not being able to seethe scoring areas from any distance let alone 200 yards!
    I'll probably keep this one at the point for illustration. I hope to have some large sillhouette and old British pre 1919 targets printed as well.
  15. I would like to attend but I have a snag in that I'm not a member of a approved club (none around my way have any openings).

    Anyone know a club I can join PDQ?